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Puente Caribbean

Tuesday 21st June 2011

MEND St. KItts and NevisCongratulations to Ervin Welsh, owner of the Beyond Timeless Network. He is the winner of the locally held version of the Puente in the Caribbean competition. The object of this contest is to design a logo and create a local name that encapsulates the objectives of the Puente in the Caribbean Program and is related or reflective of our local Kittitian and Nevisian culture and history.

“The Slogan is in the form of an acronym MEND SKN (Mold • Empower • Nurture • Direct, Families in St. Kitts and Nevis). The acronym speaks to the uniqueness of the program, which lies not in what you are doing but how you are doing it. For those that pass through it, the program will:

Mold: The program will mold families into the healthy lifestyles they should be living, this will take most of the effort in the program but it is the first thing to be addressed, identifying the things that constitute a good family and learning, through training, and the other program competences, to fit into that mold as we all should.

Empower: The families will be empowered to maintain the healthy family structure and functions that it was taught via the program.

Nurture: This takes place both with the program nurturing the family and the family nurturing itself. In this phase the program will allow families to put into practice, the skills and lessons it was taught. Naturally a “good” family is a nurturing entity, so once all is going well the family members will be nurturing each other. Where assistance is necessary, the program facilitators will aid with the development of the problem areas – thus this is program’s nurturing phase also.

Direct: The draw to this program (for the Department) was not only the evaluative measures it implements but also the fact that it seeks to enable those that pass through it, to stand on their own two feet and grow in a well structured, functional environment. At the direction phase, the program will allow those passing through it to see their way forward. Having seen the mold they should embody, then being empowered to maintain that mold, then being allowed to make mistakes as we all do and being shown how to develop past them (being nurtured), this phase will pass those within it, into society with the strength not only to maintain their status (maintain the mold) but to deal with positive growth (e.g. increased income which they would be trained to identify as an opportunity for investment whereas during the program they may have been only making enough to pay bills so investing was not a consideration) and with issues that may arise. This phase would also be a consultative one for those that need to and choose to utilize it.”
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*Cover Photo: Left to right Ms Azilla Clarke, Director of Social and Community Development, The Honorable Marcella Liburd, Minister of Social and Community Development and Mr Ervin Welsh, Entrepreneur, the winner of the Logo Design and Slogan competition. Photo by Andre Huie, WinnFM