Client Feedback

Our Clients require the best and they get just that. Here what some of our clients have to say. Testimonies Follow.

“The photos are absolutely EXCELLENT! We love them!”

- A.R. – Wedding Photography Client


“The pictures are phenomenal. I’ve looked at them half a dozen times already, and I shared them with my in-laws and my parents. My parents especially couldn’t have been more pleased.

You captured every moment of the afternoon with such grace and genuineness. I wanted our photos to tell the story of our wedding, and that’s exactly what they do.

We can’t thank you enough for so expertly photographing our wedding day — it’s as gorgeous (if not more!) in the pictures as it was in person.”

- N.P. – Wedding Photography Client


“Thank you for the beautiful pictures of our wedding creating and capturing precious moments!”

- K.D. – Wedding Photography Client


“While planning the Fund’s inaugural awards ceremony, I immediately thought of securing the photography services of Ervin Welsh & The Beyond Timeless Network. I had seen his work before with other ventures such as and Island Xpressions.

His professionalism was refreshing. We communicated seamlessly prior to the event and his coverage of the event was impeccable. Ervin is dedicated, affable and competent. The Fund is forever grateful to Ervin for the high quality photos of our ceremony and for his brilliantly written news article of the event. I wholeheartedly recommend Ervin’s services, without any reservations, to any company/organisation that wishes to improve their professional image and public and online presence.”

- Chairman, William Marcus Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund – Marcus L. Natta, Ph.D.


“It is rare and relatively difficult to find a business that has the ability to impact and revolutionize the way in which graphic designing is viewed and interpreted. Nonetheless, Ervin Welsh has the skill, knowledge, and creativity to do just that.

My then, newly developing company, Dream Works Designs needed an identity and something that people could associate with it. In order to attain that goal and to attract some noticeability while doing so, Ervin Welsh was solicited to design my business’ logo.

Throughout the process he was professional, and the know-how and understanding he displayed, reassured me that he was the best for the job. Once he developed a clear mental picture of what was desired, he was able to create a design that was consistent with what I had envisioned.

If you are looking for a graphic designer, or you are looking to engage in marketing activities, I highly recommend Ervin Welsh to deliver a quality product that stands out from others.”

- CEO/Landscape Architect, Dream Works Designs – Mr. Travis Merritt


“I have dealt with Beyondtimeless for a number of years, during which time they have provided The St. Kitts Visitor Channel with excellent print materials and graphic designs of exceptional standards. Their work has been a major factor in our website success, helping it to become one of the most visited resources of its kind on the internet.
I can confidently recommend Beyondtimeless as a solid and reliable company and experts in their field.”

- Producer/Manager, St. Kitts Visitor Channel – Sharon Stevens


“Youth Impact Network Inc. has been a client of Ervin’s from the begining and finds his services efficient and reliable. In addition to his level of professionalism, his unique designs, skill and artistry are suitable for a variety of business ideas…We highly recommend Ervin Welsh for all your business needs.”

- The President, Youth Impact Ministries INC. – Mr. Nigel Browne


“I was referred to Beyond Timeless when I had an idea for a logo that I wanted created for a group that I am in. I went to the manager, Ervin, with the idea and information about the group and he frankly but nicely told me that based on the image I wanted for the group, the logo idea that I had wouldn’t capture it. Instead, he made suggestions and we were able to come to a decision on the design of the logo. I couldn’t be happier! He paid great attention to detail and based on work that he has done for me since then, I know that he puts an immense amount of time, energy and thought into creating his customers’ designs. Ervin delivers when he says he will and the quality of work and level of professionalism is way above the ordinary standard. When it comes to graphic design, choosing and sticking with Beyond Timeless was one of the easiest and best decisions that I have ever made!”

- The Founder, HOPE Tears – Jihan Williams